State Drugs - Takings & Leavings

State Drugs
Takings & Leavings 12" LP

[August 2019]

Denver's State Drugs combine the best elements of indie-rock and post-hardcore to make heartfelt songs that never get too sappy and keep the tempo upbeat. Clever wordplay combines with little earworms that will have you singing these songs in your head for days on end. If bands like Liars Academy, Farside, Gameface, Sensefield, or the Gin Blossoms are up your alley, this will fit amongst those records quite nicely.

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  1. Aggie
  2. Sandwina
  3. Woodring Nights
  4. Taking It to the Streets
  5. Fractured Heart
  6. Halfway Wasted
  7. Lava Lamp
  8. Gut Knots
  9. Tool Library
  10. Lizzie
  11. Last Days of Typhoid
  12. Left of the Dial (Replacements)

Pressing Info

1st press: 300 on blue