Widows Watch - This Message Repeats

Widows Watch
This Message Repeats 12" LP

[January 2015]

Maryland is full of "best kept secret" bands. You know, the kind that quietly write music in their basements and garages, record with their friends, play shows once in a while, and maybe even get to open for their favorite bands from time to time, yet due to jobs, families, and other obligations they are rarely, if ever, able to hit the road and take their music to people that live even just a few hours down the highway. Widows Watch are one of those bands. If you're from the Baltimore area, you may fondly remember bands like Can't Say and Greasegun and their Leatherface/All/Big Drill Car/Doughboys/Sugar worship. Well, Widows Watch is made up of most of those same people (and rounded out with members of Chernobyl Kids and the Gamma Rays) and they still love the same bands. These are songs for people who still believe in the power of music to connect those of us that don't sit quietly while those in charge strip away everything that we hold dear. Earnest songs about the beauty in giving a shit and the ugliness in keeping your mouth shut. Honest songs about the struggles of living with anxiety and depression, and eager songs about sticking it out with your friends and your loved ones by your side. This is their debut LP and if you're lucky it will be the first of many. If you're even luckier you may get a chance to see them play your town. Fingers crossed.

Comes with a digital download code.


  1. Blackened Heart
  2. Fake Smile
  3. Stumble
  4. Everything Has a Name
  5. American Gulag
  6. Zero Sum
  7. Talk For Hours
  8. Lazy
  9. Kindred Company
  10. The Shadow

Pressing Info

1st press: 10 tests / 118 on orange / 440 on black