Highway Cross - Run Dry

Highway Cross
Run Dry 7"

[April 2013]

Highway Cross is the product of four of northern Virginia's most talented and esteemed veterans of the hardcore/punk scene. Frontman/guitarist Matt Michel was a major force behind Majority Rule and has done time in Cloak/Dagger. Also from Cloak/Dagger is bassist Colin Barth, who plays bass here. Guitarist Ben Tankersley played in DC area favorites, Shoutbus!, and the beast behind the drums is Jake Kregger, who also plays in Triac. The band certainly worships at the altar of Rick Froburg (Obits, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu) and it shows through loud, crunchy, angular riffs backed by pounding, driving rhythms. Their debut 7" was self-released and certainly piqued our interest, but this follow up really finds the band settling into their own sound which takes the aforementioned influences and shapes them into something uniquely borne by these four fine gentleman.

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  1. Ringing In My Ears
  2. Highway Cross
  3. Old Friends
  4. Run Dry

Pressing Info

1st press: 10 tests / 300 on black