The Ergs - Blue

The Ergs
Blue 7"

[April 2007]

This two song single features an older Ergs classic ("Blue") teamed up with a sweet cover of a similarly titled song by the poster boys of 90s rock. If you're not yet familiar with the Ergs, and you're a fan of classic 90s style pop-punk from the likes of the Queers, Screeching Weasel, and older punk like the Descendents, do yourself a favor and check them out right away. Along with bands like the Methadones and the Copyrights, the Ergs are the torchbearers for modern day pop-punk. Don't miss the boat.

Split release with Wallride Records.

Pressing Info

1st press: 10 tests / 920 on translucent blue vinyl
2nd press: 2 "blue velvet" blue/black transitionals stamped & numbered / 498 on solid blue/white vinyl
3rd press: 500 on orange vinyl with black and white covers and labels


  1. Blue
  2. Blew