Dead Mechanical - Medium Noise

Dead Mechanical
Medium Noise 12" LP

[September 2008]

After more than a year's wait since the CD came out, the vinyl version of Dead Mechanical's debut full-length is finally here! We dare you not to fall in love with this record. Upbeat and catchy tunes with sweet hooks back up dual vocals, one gruff and nicotine-throated and one eager and honey-coated. The band perfectly blends the sounds of bands like Jawbreaker, Superchunk, and Jawbox to create a sound that you'll be humming endlessly. Lucas' lyrics tell tales and pay equal attention to unrequited love and social/political missteps, taking cues from both Mr. Schwarzenbach and Mr. MacKaye, while Matt's weave fantastical odes to life's inconsistencies, not unlike Mr. Congelliere and his quirky witticisms. This band could easily fit on stage at Gilman or in Chapel Hill in the mid-90s, but thankfully they're here with us now making new music that the kids of 15 years from now will be wistfully imagining themselves seeing at a Charm City basement show in 2008.

CD version out on Sex Cells Records.

Pressing Info

1st press: 10 tests / 100 on white vinyl / 400 on black vinyl


  1. The Only Bad Thing That Ever Happened
  2. Guantanamo Calling
  3. Messy Apartment
  4. New Alchemy
  5. Dear Marketing Dept.
  6. Please Stop Stealing My Car
  7. Let's Get Terrified
  8. Fuzzy Math
  9. One Act Play!
  10. Bled White
  11. Information In
  12. Shitty Wedding