The Capitalist Kids - At a Loss

The Capitalist Kids
At a Loss 12" LP

[July 2014]

Austin's The Capitalist Kids return with their third album, "At a Loss". They continue proving their love for classic Lookout! Records pop-punk bands like The Mr. T Experience and Green Day while twisting the genre up just a bit by alternating between perfectly sweet love songs and perfectly insightful songs of social critique. The major difference this time around is the addition of a second guitar player which helps to make the melodies that much more infectious.

Comes with a digital download code.

Split release with It's Alive Records and Rad Girlfriend Records.

Pressing Info

1st press: 54 tests (Euro tour press), 100 on red, 400 on black


  1. Not '95
  2. Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet
  3. Beginner's Finish
  4. Closer To You
  5. Gender Binary Bop
  6. I Gotta Hold On To You
  7. I'm a Nobody (and Everybody Knows It)
  8. On-Purpose Racist
  9. Body Snatchers
  10. Internet Anonymity
  11. Minimum Rage
  12. I'm Just a Normal Functioning Member of the Human Race and There's No Way Anyone Can Prove Otherwise
  13. Comin' Up Milhouse
  14. State-Sanctioned Murder