Dead Mechanical - OK Night

Dead Mechanical
OK Night 12" LP

[August 2013]

Baltimore's Dead Mechanical offer up their 3rd LP and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring it to you. This is a band we've loved from day one and it's been great watching them grow into the band they've become. Bands like Jawbreaker and Superchunk still hold down the foundation for the sound here, but this threesome has really come into their own with their songwriting, both musically and lyrically. This is easily their best record yet and they show no signs of slowing.

Comes with a digital download code.

Pressing Info

1st press: 10 tests / 40 on black with screen-printed cover / 110 on blue / 440 on black


  1. Three Cities
  2. Scoop Me Up
  3. Hard Math
  4. Vacants
  5. Into a Wall
  6. Hurt Somebody
  7. Last Summer
  8. Off a Bridge
  9. My Young Family
  10. How the Day Runs Down