Double Dagger - Bored Meeting

Double Dagger
Bored Meeting 7"

[June 2008]

Double Dagger is the musical face to Baltimore's graphic design team known as PostTypography, so I suppose it would be fair to call this "art-punk", but don't let that fool you into thinking that this is some pretentious hipster-fest as Double Dagger are quite vocal about their contention of such things. This three-piece (bass, drums, vocals) is doing what all great bands must do, they are taking something tried and true and twisting it and turning it into something new and unique and fun. Bruce's over-driven bass and Denny's tight yet lively drumming combine to create a frenetic and frantic soundtrack for Nolen's sharp wit to weave clever diatribes of our failures as humans. Comparisons could be made to bands like Gang of Four or Fugazi or Wire, but only as far as influences go, not as a direct "sounds like" references. Double Dagger are a one of a kind experience who can play alongside art school favorites like Dan Deacon as fluidly as punkrock stalwarts like the Buzzcocks.

If you're new to these guys this is a great place to start before you dig deeper into their previous two full-lengths, and if you're an old fan the Chalmers engineered remix of "I Was So Bored I Wanted To Hang Myself on the Dancefloor" is sure to put a smile on your face.

Comes with a digital download code.

Pressing Info

1st press: 10 tests / 15 "strawberry cream cheez" pink/black transitionals stamped & numbered / 85 on pink vinyl / 400 on black vinyl


  1. Bored Meeting
  2. Catalogs
  3. I Was So Bored I Wanted To Hang Myself on the Dancefloor (Chalmers remix)